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No need to invest for years to get returns.

Invest with KredX just for 30 to 90 days and see if that is your investment style.

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Test Your Investment Style Faster

No need to invest for years to get returns. Invest with KredX's Invoice Discounting Platform just for 30 to 90 days and see if that is your investment style.


Invest for 30-90 days on Pre-vetted Bluechip Invoices on KredX's Invoice Discounting Platform.


Get 12-20%* Annualized Returns at the End of the Tenure (30-90days) and See your Money Growing.


Enjoy High Returns from the Low Risk, Short Term Investments and Decide to Re-Invest or not.

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The KredX Advantage


Following are some of the industry verticles, Tenure, Returns and KredX Score (star ratings from the experts) on which KredX Lists the invoices on it's Bill Discounting Platform.


How KredX Works?

Unlocking the value of bluechip invoices
Short Term | High Return | Low Risk

Day 1

Business raises an invoice on blue chip company for Rs. 5,00,000 payable in 45 days.

Day 3

Business lists the invoice on KredX.

Day 5

Investor buys the invoice for Rs. 4,91,000 @ discount of 14% annually.

Day 51

Investor receives Rs. 5,00,000 from the Blue-chip company at the end of the tenure (30-90 days).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can invest with KredX?

Individual resident investors HUF / Proprietorship registered in India Institutional investors NRI investors (should have an NRO account and comply with basic pre-defined KYC guidelines - Pan card and valid Indian address proof)

What is the eligibility criteria for investors?

Funds/Investment companies, high net worth individuals, other financial bodies may all apply to become investors on KredX. We reserve the right to approve or reject application based on our internal credit policy. Also, we are not bound to disclose the credit policy publicly.

What is the kind of returns expected for the investors?

KredX does not play a role in deciding the discount rates of the invoices. The returns on your investment will be governed by market forces on the basis of demand and supply economics. Historically, financiers have seen returns ranging from 15-24% annualized.

Why should I invest through KredX?

Invoice Financing is a very niche product in the asset based financing arena. It carries minimal undue risk while generating superior return on investments. In advance economies, it has emerged as a major form of investment. KredX's Invoice Financing platform ensure higher short-term yield for its investors. Our conservative and ever evolving risk management policies minimizes the risk of investing for our investors. Our experience in MSMEs financing space helps us in catering only to the lowest risk segment within the space.

Is there a minimum amount criterion for investment?

No, you can invest as little or as much as possible. The only criteria for investment is that your account should contain sufficient funds to honor your bidding.

How can I withdraw my funds?

It is very simple. Login to your homepage and submit the 'Withdraw Request' form. Based on your request and any pending bids from your side, we will quickly process your withdrawal request and you will receive the funds in your personal bank account by end of next business day..

What is the tenure of investment?

Tenure of the investment is linked to the invoice payment date. Every invoice will have a different maturity period. We have seen that historically it has ranged from 30 days to 150 days.

KredX - India’s Leading Invoice Discounting Platform

Healthy Portfolio Diversification
Short Term

Client says

What Our Fantastic Investors Say

Bala Parthasarathy

I found Kredx to have the maximum returns,
minimum risk and the lowest
maturity period in the market today.

Prasanna Kabra

Given the current market condition,
its a great addition to my portfolio..

Hrishiraj Ramachandran

"Where else will I get 20% annualized return in 45 days?"

Preeti Vajpai

I have invested in KredX because it's hassle-free,
transparent and highly rewarding.

Our Investors

Prime Venture Partners

PVP is one of India’s leading seed-stage venture capitals that has helped a number of category-creating, technology-driven startups with funding and mentoring till date.

Sequoia Capital

Established in 1972, Sequoia Capital is a global venture capital firm that has previously funded some of the most legendary companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle, PayPal, YouTube, Instagram, Yahoo! and WhatsApp.


CEO Manish Kumar won the 'Entrepreneur of The Year' in Business Services - Money Services at the 7th Annual Entrepreneur India Awards 2017

KredX was featured among the top 100 leading global Fintech innovators in the KPMG-H2 Ventures 2017 Fintech100 list

KredX was among the top 50 ventures in The Smart CEO-Startup50 India 2016 Program

Sutra HR’s Top 100 Startups to Watch in 2017